• Question 1: I already have an advisor and insurance company contract for benefits. Do I have to wait for my next renewal to make a change?
  • Answer: No. Most insurer contracts include a 30 day notice period. If you are ready to make a change to improve benefits or pricing, do not wait. Please contact us as we can do this for you regardless of your current contract.


  • Question 2: My company has just two employees. Isn’t that too small for a benefit plan?
  • Answer: No. Group insurance plans can be arranged for groups as small as two people. Don’t forgo a valuable tool for employee attraction and retention because of your group’s size. KP Benefits works with small businesses as well as large ones and will offer premium service and competitive pricing to clients of all sizes.


  • Question 3: I already have an advisor, and I am satisfied with their service. Why should I change advisors now?
  • Answer: While it is possible that your current advisor is offering reasonable service and solid pricing for your group, it is unlikely that they are optimizing your employee benefits package to the degree that KP Benefits offers.

    In order to evaluate your current advisor’s performance, consider the following service checklist:

    • Detailed document review. Does your current advisor review every insurer document with a view to your risk and communicate possible concerns to you?
    • Create and deliver customized employee communications materials. Does your current advisor consistently provide you and your employees with up-to-date information on changes to legislation, regulations, insurer practices and market trends in health/dental benefits?
    • Employee meetings. Does your current advisor hold regular employee meetings with your staff to ensure they are informed of the required procedures for their benefits plan and understand the value of the benefits package you are providing?
      Cost efficiencies. Does your current advisor regularly review the costs of your plan, employee/employer distribution of premium, and the most effective use of your benefit budget to maximize coverage and minimize premiums?
    • International benefits. Does your current advisor bring forth information and discuss current international benefits options with you?


If your current advisor fails to meet any of the items on this checklist, you are not receiving the optimal level of service that you deserve.

Contact KP Benefits to receive all of these services and more